Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Panda!

My dearest cheese curls and corn puffs:

Today is the first day of 2014! Can you believe it is already 14 years past the end of the world, and 2 years past the apocalypse?! And yet, the Megabus still has crappy wifi. Oy vey! Humans will soon be equipped with live wifi via Google glasses or something, although I personally am against the whoring out of information for social networking pleasure. 

The holiday break was long (10 whole days!) and pretty exciting, for The Boyf was finally able to spend time with Padre! YOU  NEVER THOUGHT THIS WOULD HAPPEN! More on that later, since I am currently in the mist of pissy-ness toward The Boyf and am trying to avoid thinking about merrier times together. This should pass soon as it always does, but if it doesn't then I will be soon looking for a new Panda Boyf!

Now, onto bigger and better things!


1. Publish! Submit at least 2 first author  manuscripts, and publish at least one this year. Hopefully will also publish as co-author on collaborations. 

2. Read the Bible! For the past 7ish years, I have read the bible cover-to-cover each year. Some years I read chronologically, some years I read both old and new testament together, some I just read from front to back. Last year, I used the YouVersion bible app and it was so much better than lugging around a 5 pound leather bound book (although missing the "Did you know?" type of things that I usually enjoy in the student versions). Previously I would read whenever I could, and if I couldn't read one day, I would catch up on the weekends. Last year my resolution was the read the bible EVERY DAY. And I did! But many times it would be at the end of the day, when I was delirious and not really paying attention to the text. So this year, my resolution is to read the bible every day, IN THE MORNING, or at least during the day and not right when I'm going to bed. I'm also reading the King James Version and following the Robert Roberts (I know, say no more) plan, which will cover the old testament once, and the new testament twice! 

3. Getting to work and started early! This follows with my last point, and also leads to an overall resolution of living healthily and happily. While living with The Boyf in Atlanta, it was necessary to be up early all the time so we could drive together in the mornings. Now, I have been dragging my feet in the cold weather to get to work by 8am. I am hoping to be able to SLEEP EARLIER (really, this is the key point...perhaps my resolution should be more like "limit extensive online shopping right before bedtime") and get rip rarin' to go in the mornings, hopefully to get to work by 7:30am and have my cup of coffee, read the bible and read the news before everyone else gets in. I also like coming in for a little bit on Saturdays to plan things out for the week, aside from the hectic activity of all the other labmates during the week.

4. Be a values oriented panda! I have to admit, with graduate school and moving around and everything, my panda head became quite big and I have been complaining nonstop and having a hard time being nice to everybody! I have been thinking about this, and hopefully in conjunction with my previous resolutions will be able to be a happy panda this year, and pass on that love and happiness to others! Earlier in 2013 I resolved to do the things I enjoy (even if they are by myself), and I will continue doing that. But it will also be important to connect with people and network (obviously that was going to come up, you know me!), but make sure I am still in line with my values and treating people with respect and honesty! Because at the end of 2014 and for the rest of my life, I want to say I was able to make the world a little better, and sincerely mean it! 

Well, that's it for my glowing review of the brand spankin' new year! What are your new year's resolutions? 


P.S. I also have a ton of Christmas cards left over! Send me your address if you want one, you silly cheese curl!

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